Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Christmas Cowls!

OOPS, my two great-granddaughters are wearing the same cowl. Here is what the other cowl was supposed to look like:

The cowls were supposed to be Christmas presents, but my granddaughter wanted to wear hers already, so I gave the other two I made to my great-grandkids so they could wear theirs now too.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

LOOK! We Can Send Your Message in a Bottle!

Crystal Butterfly Creations wants to send your message – in a bottle! 

Choose from our messages or
Write one of your own!
We also invite you to send your

Birth Announcements
Birthday Greetings
New Businesses Invites
Old Businesses Reminders
Pregnancy Announcements
Shower Invitations
Wedding Invitations

Or anything else you can imagine

to your family
to your friends
to your customers.

In A Crystal Butterfly Creations Bottle!

Messages can be sarcastic, but ABSOLUTELY no porn, no bullying, and no bashing of any kind (see sample sarcastic comments for ideas). Also we will send no derogatory comments regarding religion, ethnicity, gender, or sexual identity. 

Main categories, a couple of which you currently won’t find anywhere else, include:

*Apology* *Birth Announcement* *Birthday* *Daddy Congratulations*
*Friend* *Grandparent Announcement* *Love & Valentine’s Day* *Miscellaneous*
*Pregnancy Announcements* *Sarcastic* *Sympathy* *Thank You* *Twin/Triplet Birthday*

Each message is typed on antique-type paper, rolled, and tied. Tops and bottoms of the message are burned, and a label is affixed to the bottle.

Just provide us with the name and the address of the recipient, and we’ll mail the message to him or her! If you want to remain anonymous, just let us know.

Here is all you have to do (make sure to answer all questions and follow all of these simple instruction):

1. Choose the message you want by writing the ORDER CODE (see order codes below).

2. If you want a salutation (i.e., Dear So and So; HI! So and So!), let us know. If you don’t, tell us to leave it blank.

3. What is the name of the recipient of the message?

4. What is the complete address of the recipient of the message?

5. Do you want to sign your name or do you want the message to arrive anonymously? If you want to 
include your name, please write your name. If you want to remain anonymous, write, “Anonymous” where the signature goes.

6. In messages where you have to make a choice, please make sure you address those choices. DO NOT LEAVE BLANK! For example, one Pregnancy Announcement looks like this:

(Salutation) The bottle you just held in your hand represents many bottles to come. Congratulations! You’re going to be a(n) (brother, sister, aunt, uncle)! (Signature)
You would have to choose brother, sister, aunt, or uncle. Fill in “Special Instructions” below.

7. If you want to add to the message or delete from the message, just let us know. If we can change it, we will (the message has to fit in the space provided on the paper). If we can’t fit your message, we’ll let you know.

8. Right now Crystal Butterfly Creations accepts only PayPal payments and only in the contiguous United States. We plan to expand depending upon demand. PayPal is secure . If you don’t already have a PayPal account, go to PayPal and set one up. If you already have a PayPal 
account make a $14.95 payment (cost includes shipping and handling) to writer721@yahoo.com.

9. If you have any questions, please contact writer721@yahoo.com – and put Crystal Butterfly Creations in the subject area!

10. MAKE SURE TO LET US KNOW WHAT EMAIL ADDRESS WILL APPEAR IN OUR PAYPAL In order to expedite your order we must be able to match your email address to your message.

11. Crystal Butterfly Creations is an anti-bully advocate!

12. Your bottle will arrive within 2-3 weeks.


List of Messages for Crystal Butterfly Creations Message In a Bottle


ALL MESSAGES ©CrystalButterflyCreations


A-AIN – (Salutation) Although I never say it, I just want you to know how truly sorry I am. I hope you’ll forgive me. (Signature)

A-IDS – (Salutation) I’m deeply sorry. (Signature)

A-PFM (Salutation) Please forgive me. I am so sorry. (Signature)

Birth Announcement

BA-PWO – (Salutation) Please Welcome our (my) new daughter (son)
Name ____________________
Born ____________________
Weight ____________________
Length ____________________


B-ITO – (Salutation) I’m thinking of a birthday poem especially for you, so Happy Birthday What’s-Your-Name. There. How did I do? (Signature)

B-MGB – (Salutation) May God bless you on your birthday in case you should happen to sneeze and I’m not there to say it for you. (Signature)

B-RYO – (Salutation) Remember, you’re only as old as you feel, so I after I finish feeling you, I’ll let you know how old you are. Happy Birthday. (Signature)

B-YLS – (Salutation) Your little shoes left on the floor next to an opened book, the tears I had to wipe away, the sad way that you looked, the little face that touched my heart that longed for my embrace, the years that passed from then to now, my mind will not erase. You’ll ALWAYS be my baby. Happy Birthday! (Signature)

Business Advertising
BA-BUS – (Send us your message)

Daddy Congratulations

DC-AYS – (Salutation) Are you sitting down? We’re PREGNANT! I love you, “Daddy.”  (Signature)

DC-BFY – (Salutation) Baby Face, you’ll see the cutest little Baby Face – in less than nine months. Congratulations, Honey, you’re going to be a DAD! (Signature)

DC-BSO – (Salutation) By sharing our lives, we’ve created another. Congratulations, Honey, you’re going to be a dad! (Signature)

DC-IDK – (Salutation) I don’t know how to say this. I hope you don’t get mad. I’m going to gain some weight soon, and YOU’RE GOING TO BE A DAD! Congratulations, “Daddy.” I LOVE YOU. (Signature)

DC-TBR – (Salutation) This bottle represents only one of a number of bottles to follow. Congratulations, Honey! You’re going to be a “DADDY!” (Signature)

DC-TYM – (Salutation) Thought you might like to know you have just contributed to the population explosion. Congratulations, “Daddy!” (Signature)

DC-WIM – (Salutation) Woe is me. Because of you, now we’re three instead of two. Congratulations, “Daddy!” (Signature)

DC-WTT – (Salutation) Welcome to the Wonderful World of Fatherhood, DADDY! Love, Your Son or Daughter, who will arrive sometime within the next nine months. (Signature)


F-NKM – (Salutation) Nobody knows me like you do – You are as important to me as family – For YOU are a FRIEND. (Signature)

F-TST – (Salutation) The secrets that we share with each other – The support and encouragement we offer each other – You are a treasured friend. (Signature)

F-WEB – (Salutation) Who else but a friend would comfort me when I am sad? Who else but a friend would laugh at my jokes? Who else but a friend would give me undivided attention? Who else but a friend? (Signature)

F-YSM – (Salutation) You showed me how to spread my wings and fly. Thank you for being my friend. (Signature)

Grandparent Announcement

GC-AAB – (Salutation) Add another birthday to your birthday list. Grab a little tissue so your eyes won’t mist. Congratulations! You’re about to be GRANDPARENTS! (Signature)

GC-WIT – (Salutation) What is this message for? It’s not your birthday. But it is about birth, the birth of your future Grandchild! Congratulations, Grandma & Grandpa! (or whatever other name you’ll want to call them) (Signature)

Love & Valentine’s Day

L-EDW – (Salutation) Enter deep within my chambers. Drink deeply of my love. Hmm...the bottle is empty. Looks like you already have. (Signature)

L-GIM – (Salutation) Gaze into my eyes. Look into my soul - You are already there, and I love you. (Signature)

L-ILO –  (Salutation) 
I love you 
I love you 
I love you
Can you read between the lines?

L-ITM – (Salutation) In this moment, I think of you. In this moment, you think of me. We have saved time in a bottle. I love you. (Signature)

L-IYC – (Salutation) If you could pour yourself into this bottle and send it back to me, I would drink you up. (Signature)

L-MTM – (Salutation) Music touches my soul - you are my music. (Signature)

L-TFO – (Salutation) The Fragrance of You fills my senses with love. The Wonder of You fills my soul with awe. The Presence of You fills my life with joy. I Love You. (Signature)

L-TYI – (Salutation) Thank you. I’ve been stuck in this bottle for so long, I couldn’t wait to be held by you. (Signature)

L-YNI – (Salutation) Your name is a song to my heart. Thank you for sharing your life with me. (Signature)

V-IDW – (Salutation) I didn’t want to fall in love with anyone, you see, but then you came along and Cupid played a trick on me. Happy Valentine’s Day! (Signature)


M-ITA – (Salutation) I think about you all the time. Can’t get you off my mind. You’re sweet, sincere, and sensuous, and utterly sublime. In other words, I am so glad we met. (Signature)

M-LAF – (Salutation) Like a flower, you open your petals to embrace the world. Thank you for sharing your special beauty with us. (Signature)

M-PTY – (Salutation) Phew! Thank you for letting me out of this bottle - I am the Bottle Genie and I grant you three wishes. I’m waiting... (Signature)

M-TMS – (Salutation) Though miles separate us, hearts bind us together and I will always treasure our moments together. (Signature)

M-TWH – (Salutation) Though we have never met, you have impacted my life profoundly – Thank you for being you. (Signature)

PDS-WYC – (Salutation) When you came into my life (our lives), I wasn’t (we weren’t) sure what to expect. Now that you are here, I (we) just want to say, welcome to our family. (Signature)

PDS-YCI – (Salutation) You came into my life (our lives) and made it better. Thank you for joining our family. (Signature)

PMD-IAS – (Salutation) I am sending you this little message in a bottle to let you know how proud I am to be your Mom (Dad). (Signature)

PMD-YHS – (Salutation) You have spent your whole life as my (daughter/son) and I have spent your whole life loving you. (Signature)

New Business Introduction 
NBI – (Send us the information)

Old Business Reminders
OBR – (Send us the information)

Pregnancy Announcements (to people other than Dad & Grandparents)

PA-TBY (Salutation) The bottle you just held in your hand represents many bottles to come. Congratulations! You’re going to be a(n) (brother, sister, aunt, uncle)! (Signature)

PA-BBB (Salutation) Baby, Baby, Baby – Baby! We’re (I’m) going to have a baby, baby! (Signature)

PA-GWC (Salutation) Guess who’s coming in less than 9 months! Uh huh. Uh huh. That’s right! (Signature)

PA-RWY – (Salutation) Remember when you found out we (I) were (was) pregnant? Well, we’re not having just one baby – we’re having TWINS! (Signature)


S-IFY – (Salutation) I found you 
and cruel. 
And now that 
I’ve lost you 
I feel like a fool – 
for not telling you sooner! 

S-ISA – (Salutation) I’m sorry about our little “disagreement,” even though I WAS RIGHT! (Signature) 

S-ISC – (Salutation) I simply can’t thank you enough for everything you’ve ever done for me – simply because you haven’t done that much. (Signature)

S-WMD – (Salutation) We may disagree about a lot of things, but you are right about one thing...I ALWAYS GET THE LAST WORD! (Signature)

S-WWN – (Salutation) We would never have made it together. You placed stakes so high that even the bull they came from was full of it. (Signature)

S-YAM – (Salutation) You are my EVERYTHING. Without you I am NOTHING, But then this isn’t the only bottle I’ve had today! (Signature)


SYM-MGB – (Salutation) May God be with you and your loved ones during this very sorrowful time in your lives. (Signature)

SYM-MTW – (Salutation) May the wonderful memories of your loved one remain with you forever, and may your pain be brief. (Signature)

Thank You

TY-FATT – (Salutation) For all the times you’ve been there without me having to ask, Thank you. (Signature)

TY-TYIK – (Salutation) THANKYOU! I know the words pale in comparison to the gifts you always give me, but I can’t ignore the fact that you have always been there for me before I even knew I needed you. (Signature)

Twin/Triplet Birthday

TB-HBTM – (Salutation) Happy Birthday to my twin. You didn’t think I’d forget, did you? (Signature)

TB-HBTY – (Salutation) Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday to me. We’ve been sharing our birthdays and always will be. Happy Birthday to my twin (triplet). (Signature)

TB-TMT – (Salutation) To my twin, my pea in the pod, whose likeness to me is a similar bod. Happy Birthday to you on this day that we share. Just want you to know that to me you are rare. (Signature)

TB-WSM – (Salutation) We’ve so much more in common than just a pretty face for we were born together the same time and same place. Happy Birthday to my twin whose face I have always adored. (Signature)

Wedding/Shower Invitations or Thank You Notes
WSI/TYN – (Send us the information)


ALL MESSAGES ©CrystalButterflyCreations

PayPal Email writer721@yahoo.com
PayPal Payment: writer721@yahoo.com 
Questions: CrystalButterflyCreations@cheerful.com

If you prefer a form to guide you, here's the form:

If you have any questions, please contact us at one of the two email addresses above. Make sure to put Crystal Butterfly Creations in the subject area of your email.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Free Easy Crochet Pattern for Lacy Textured Spring Cowl

If you get easily distracted following intricate crochet patterns, you’ll love this simple repetitive design.

Materials used: Lion Brand’s Pound of Love in Antique White (didn’t have to use even half of the yarn), a size N15/10.00mm crochet hook, a tapestry needle (for sewing the ends together), and stitch markers (to guide me in sewing the ends together).

To begin, crocheted a length of chain to measure around your neck down to about 3 inches above your belly button – no counting required! 

Row 1 Skip 3 chains, *TC, DC, SC in next stitch, skip 2 chains, continue from * to the end of the row. Don’t worry if you have chains left over. You can fold them in at the end when you sew the two ends of the finished piece together.

Row 2 and on Ch 2 at the beginning of each new row and at the top of each TC from the row below, TC, DC, SC, Ch 1. 

To sew the ends together, because the stitches won’t match up, fold the cowl in half, spread the cowl evenly from end to end, and place stitch markers in various points across the ends to guide you so that when you sew the two edges together using a tapestry needle, the cowl will look even. 

And that’s it!

I ended up with 24 rows of clusters, but you can make it as long or as short as you like.

TC=Triple Crochet
DC=Double Crochet
SC=Single Crochet

You are free to share this pattern as long as you link back to this page.

Monday, March 2, 2015

FREE PATTERN For Spring – Lacy Crochet Cowl

When I posted this cowl in one crochet group on Facebook, I included this photo along with three other cowls. This photo received the most comments, though, and many people requested the pattern. Generally speaking, I don't use patterns, though, because I get too easily distracted when I crochet and I often lose my place. However, since I still had this cowl on hand, I wrote a (somewhat) detailed pattern, which I posted here: Simple Lacy Crochet Cowl Instructions.

If you don't mind not knowing what type of yarn or exactly which size crochet hook I used, I invite you to read the – what I'm calling – pattern for it. It will provide you with enough information so that you can duplicate the effect here, and it would make a great Spring cowl!

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

St. Patrick's Day Hat And Hair Clips

St. Patrick's Day Hat With Shamrock Loom Knitted and Crocheted

St Patrick's Day is less than a month away. Want to make something simple to celebrate St. Patrick's Day? Why not crochet a Shamrock and then add it to hats or use as hair clips? (Shamrock crochet instructions are here: FREE CROCHET SHAMROCK PATTERN.)

St. Patrick's Day Shamrock Crocheted Hair Clips

Or design a St Patrick's Day hat! The above hat began on a loom. After I removed it from the loom, I crocheted a brim and then added the Shamrock.

Both photos were taken with my phone. However, the different backgrounds gave them a completely different look. The color in both images is supposed to be kelly green.

Happy St. Patrick's Day to all my Irish friends and thank you for visiting!

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Have You Tried Chain Crochet?

Want to try something different? Try Chain Crochet! 

Go from this
to this with Chain Crochet

What is Chain Crochet? It’s a 2-step process that takes you from a ball of yarn (or two or three or more) to a chained ball of yarn that YOU created to your finished product. What you do is create a chain, roll it into a ball, and use the ball of chained yarn to create your project!


Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Colors That Represent Each Type of Cancer

Cancer patients who go through chemotherapy invariably lose their hair, and many people going through chemo prefer to wear hats or scarves than to appear bald in public. We are all familiar with pink being the color for breast cancer, but do you know what colors represent the other types of cancer?

Jeremy's oncologist had a t-shirt made for him that says, "Cuck Fancer."

When my 13-year-old grandson (pictured above) was diagnosed with bone cancer this past December, knowing he would lose his hair, I decided to crochet a hat for him. I chose a fuzzy gray yarn for him and he wears that hat all the time (he's wearing it in the photo). So I asked him what colors he wanted for his next hat. He was fine with the hat I crocheted for him, he told me, but then he decided he would like a hat made in the colors that represented his particular type of cancer – pediatric osteosarcoma (Ewing’s Sarcoma – bone cancer). Those colors are both yellow (bone cancer) and gold (childhood cancer). 

Various online sites list different cancer awareness ribbons and their associated meanings and while some of these lists overlap, some colors and their meanings are not included at all, so I’m giving you 3 options to help you: 

Wikipedia lists different awareness ribbons and their colors. You can find them by clicking the link. 

Another partial list with a printable PDF file can be found HERE

Fire Mountain Gems (one of my favorite online shops) offers a great guide too. The photo you see at the top of this page is from the Fire Mountain Gems website.

So whether you design hats, make jewelry, quilt blankets, or crochet tissue box covers for cancer patients, knowing the colors their particular cancer represents makes the gift more personal.